The boutique hotel concept was born in Europe.

One of the most important features of a boutique hotel is its size. There are from 5 to 50 rooms, in some of them the staff welcomes the guests in the door of your room. This will give us achieve high quality personalized services. What sets us apart from traditional hotels is the quality of the relationship between customers and hotel staff.

Travelers today expect more from a hotel that only comfort. A boutique hotel is cozy and pleasant atmosphere that makes the distinction. The uniqueness of a boutique hotel lies in its form, design and quality of their services.

Most boutique hotels are characterized by quiet, modern lines and many different forms and styles of the 21st century. Some play with great atmosphere, others opt for the simplicity of a bungalow with thatched roofs. Almost all have as individual and distinctive styles. They can also have custom decorated and detailed, full of luxury and caprice, which is associated with the natural existence of our hotel, the shape, design and decor are all in themselves ways of entertainment.

Style, distinction, warmth and intimacy are key words in the architecture and design of boutique hotels that seem to attract travelers in search of a special place that is able to meet their individual needs. For each guest to convey a real sense of intimacy.