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Does the hotel has parking area when I have a car?
There is always a parking space for our guest's cars.

Does the hotel has a restaurant?
Because Sugar Hotel respects guests' privacy, we have no restaurant, but we have cabins with kitchens and kitchenettes.
Also along the hotel zone of the beach there are several restaurants in addition to those found in the heart of Tulum on the main street of town.

Where can I supply my food if I have cabins with kitchen or kitchenette and desire to cook?
From Sugar Hotel, 10 minutes by road from the hotels in the beach zone, then you head to town about 6.3 miles, you will find Avenida Tulum, there is a Super Market called San Francisco de Asis where you can find everything you need. In addition there are also convenience stores in the same street along the Downtown.

Does the hotel has air conditioning?
We have floor and ceiling fan, however as we are facing the sea, the wind blows the waves and the sea breeze at night you will make you feel fresh.

Does the hotel has wireless Internet access?
Yes we do have wireless internet access.

Does the hotel has electricity?
Yes, 24 hours of solar energy.

Is there cell phone and nextel signal coverage?
There is no signal for cellular telephones and radio communication.

Do the bungalows have tv?
We do not have television because we want total relaxation for our guests, to have a communion with nature and achieve complete disconection from their routine.

Is there admission for children at the hotel?

Is there maid service? Do they change my sheets and towels?
Tthere is daily maid service, the linens and towels are changed every third day since we are a hotel who supports the ecology of the area, however if you want the change of sheets and towels daily for you, please let know the maid.On the arrival and exit of a host, we always place new sheets and towels.

Is there hot water for bathing?

Is there drinking water?
We always leave in your room new bottles of purified water for personal use, and these have no additional charge.

What is the distance from the Cancun airport to Tulum?
79.5 miles through the city of Playa del Carmen just halfway.

What is the distance from Playa del Carmen to Tulum?

How long is the distance from the Cancun Airport to Tulum?
About 1 hr 30 min.

There are deviations to get to Tulum?
No, the road from the city of Cancun to Tulum is the same, is called (Carretera Federal Cancún-Chetumal)

If I come from another country, how can I arrive to Tulum?
The option is cheaper and faster by plane, although there are some cruise ships dock on relatively nearby islands like Cozumel or Port of Majahual, but to reach the city of Tulum is necessary to by land.

What kind of transportation should I use from Cancun Airport to Tulum?
There are several ways, a car rental is recommended because you can hike and learn more about the Riviera Maya and is the most economical way, there cars to meet the needs of every traveler; other means is through a bus line which are taken from the Cancun airport and called ADO depart every 45 minutes during the day and evening and this carriage makes a stop in Playa del Carmen and there is going to Tulum.
There are also taxis, but the price is very expensive by the way Cancun-Tulum.

Where can I rent my car?
About Cancun Airport there are several car rental companies,
There are also in Playa del Carmen and Tulum.