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General information

Animals or pets are not allowed in Azucar Hotel.

The exchange rates are conditioned to change and may vary depending on the bank exchange rates.

All guests must show a photo ID when you check in.

Just like hotels in the beach area we produce our own electricity, the use of hair dryers, irons for the hair and clothes and other items that use a lot of energy, are not allowed.

Check in is at 1:00 pm and Check out is at 11:00 am.

In case of check-out after the stipulated hour and until 1:00 pm will be charged at 50% of the total price per night of your room.

If check out is after 1:00 pm will be charged 100% of total price per night of your room.

Cancellation Policy
Once the reservation is done, the payment made is non refundable.

We suggest that travelers buy a travel insurance that covers trip and flights cancellation. Any change to your reservation must be made by the Internet (our site) with a minimum of 30 days from the date of reservation.

Any changes you want to do are conditioned to availability.

Upon making the request for change in your reservation, you will receive your confirmation within a maximum of 48 hours.
In case of non availability of rooms for the new date you want to be with us, you will be given a credit for the full amount you paid to have a year of expriration from the date of your booking and is conditioned to exchange rate. If the amount paid is less, the difference is not refundable, and only will be awarded credit valid for use a year after the date of payment, and only under the concept of accommodation. Does not apply to any other service.

Any date changes on the reservation after the 30 days cost $50 USD. These changes are also conditioned to availability and will be confirmed at a maximum of 48 hours.

We are not responsible before, during, and after the date of staying in Azucar Hotel for personal accident, sickness, theft, flows, acts of terrorism, war or inclement weather. We recommend to buy an insurance that covers any unexpected events during your stay with us.
If we need to close our hotel at the dates of your reservation, either by the case of Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, or any other dispute, we will advise and give you 100% of your payment.  

Any inappropriate behavior such as drug use or any other unsafe behavior in Azucar Hotel that disturb other guests, will be grounds for his eviction from the hotel and will be non-refundable payment for your stay.
We are not responsible for stolen, forgotten and / or lost pertenences in Azucar Hotel.


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